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I tell stories, not with words but with image. I’ve always had the fascination to communicate without the use of words. To tell a good story, I think the use of visuals is very important; it’s the way I speak. My religion is “Show don’t tell”, I use this as powerful as I can. The message should be clear straightaway, without having to explain. I’m also very playful with visual communication, especially with the use of contrast. Contrast in colour, shapes and emotion. Contrast is who I am. I love simplicity, but I love complexity. I love structure, but I love spontaneity. I love colour, but also absolutely not. I love chaos, but I love detail. Always trying to trigger a feeling.  


2018 Publication: “Book of Denim Vol.2” (Cartographer)

2016-2019 Various Freelance work as Graphic Designer


2003-2010    VWO - Olympus College, Arnhem NL

2011-2016    Art & Crossmedia Design - ArtEZ AKI Academy of Art & Design, Enschede NL

2015    Graphic Design Exchange - Falmouth University, Falmouth UK